Welcome to O.R.C.A

The Online Resource in Cardiac Anesthesia



These courses are designed to supplement the educational process for trainees in anesthesia undergoing cardiac anesthesia clinical rotations.  The content is organized in order to facilitate learning by individuals from diverse professional backgrounds.


There are three sections. If this is your first cardiac anesthesia rotation, We strongly recommend you read "Cardiac Anesthesiology is Quite Logical" for starters.

  • "Cardiac Anesthesia is Quite Logical" provides a succinct overview of anesthesia for coronary bypass grafting.  The basic concepts are introduced.
  • The "Cardiac Anesthesia Didactic Series" focuses on topics related to cardiac, thoracic and vascular anesthesia.   There are 24 units designed to comprehensively cover every relevant topic.
  •  The "TEE module" has 12 units and is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge in basic TEE.



ORCA is currently maintained by Dr. Paul Loubser and Dr. Anil Dosaj. The project started in 2013, while collaborating with Dr. Mohammed Koronfel at the Heart & Vascular Unit at Hermann Memorial - TMC and the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.